Azar Architectural Photography was founded nine years ago to establish Farshid Nasrabadi’s already existing practice of architectural photography. Farshid’s architecture studies add a distinguished aspect to his photography. His deep understanding of the built environment and the urban setting, which are acquired through both academia and job experience, are why his photos capture the object and the sense of space and the spirit of the architecture and city. Azar Architectural Photography portrays the works of leading practices and their architectural designs and urban solutions. This includes photographing the final buildings, the construction process, aerial images, and even their design models. Architectural photography not only serves architects, architecture and design magazines, and real estate firms, it also benefits researchers in a broad range, from architectural history to modern critical studies and arts. Azar Architectural photography has always been involved in these activities, whether documenting cultural heritage for governmental bodies or independent researchers, printed books and magazines or online world famous ones, exhibitions on the local scale, or international events such as the Venice biennale. Azar Architectural Photography is currently located in Lund, Sweden and accepts projects in all Sweden and Europe. (F-tax Approved)


Farshid Nasrabadi
B.Sc. in Architecture | Islamic Azad University Isfahan Branch - Khorasgan | 2007 - 2011
Architect and Photographer
Co-founder of Azar Architecture Group | | since 2012
Tutor | Architectural Photography Workshop | Islamic Azad University - Tehran - Central Branch | 2015
Tutor | Architectural Photography Course | Islamic Azad University - Shahinshahr Branch | 2014 - 15
Tutor | Architectural Photography Course | Shahid Beheshti University | since 2013
Architect and Urban Designer | ATEC Architecture and Urban Design Consultants | 2011-2012
Architect | Ahram Novin Architects | 2010-2011
Member of National Iranian Photographers' Society | since 2012
Architect and Supervisor in Architecture and Renovation Projects | Polsheer Consultants | 2008 - 2010
Architectural Photographer | since 2008
Photographer | since 2000

Photo Publications
Forty Houses
Author: Atefeh Karbasi; Publisher: Tourism and Cultural Heritage Research Center
Contemporary Iranian Architects 1
Author: Negar Hakim; Publisher: IVA Institut für vergleichende Architekturforschung
Modern Architecture in Iran: M. R. Ghaneei
Author: Negar Hakim; Publisher: IVA Institut für vergleichende Architekturforschung
Sarzamin-e-Man Iranology Monthly
International Magazine of Night Sky
Iran’s Industrial Architecture Heritage
Author: Leila Pahlevanzadeh; Publisher: Memarkhaneh Bagh Nazar
Tourism Catalogues
Isfahan’s Tourism & Cultural Heritage Organization

Photo Exhibitions & Award
Self Portrait Group Exhibition- Apadana Gallery
9th Image of the Year Honored- Tehran - Iran
Scar Group Exhibition- Apadana Gallery
Iranology Isfahan’s Museum of Contemporary Arts
Shabaneh-ha Group Exhibition Ax Caf’e
Iranology Group Exhibi on-IAF
8th Image of the Year- Honored Diploma in Mobile Photography- Tehran - Iran
1st Photo Competition of Society of Theater Photographers Honored - Tehran - Iran
6th Image of the Year Honored- Tehran - Iran
Peace: Simple Like This Group Exhibi on- HBG
National A&C Student Competitions- Iran 1st place in Photography
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